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Mango dreamtime

I feel alarmed, then alarmed and nauseous, hoping he won’t force me to eat it, accompanied by a lecture on nutrition and the benefits of fish eyes and fish oil. He should have been a doctor, my father. He claimed … Continue reading

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Fish eyes under the mango tree

The sun burns my forehead as I seek refuge under the mango tree on the way back to my hotel. Beads of sweat run down my forehead and drip down my nose. Droplets suspended momentarily like little bubbles before bursting … Continue reading

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Another new best friend

“Hey Mister. Mister. Mister White”. The butcher is yelling out. “White man. Look! Want to buy?” I turn around and suddenly realise he is talking to me. The tourist group is nowhere in sight. The butcher holds up a slimy … Continue reading

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Hard bargaining is the order of the day as I try to find my way out of the labyrinth that is the market. I am surrounded by loud animated conversations, shouting and gesturing. Raised voices firing bullets of tonal syllables … Continue reading

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Don’t Mind Your Wife

I keep strolling through the narrow market streets, past the leopard skin belts, Bob Marley T shirts and even more genuine antiques. Genuine antiques are everywhere. I’m feeling hungry. I should try some of the street food. Even though I … Continue reading

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This is life on the street.

So many things look familiar here. The main road, pockmarked with potholes. Reddish brown sores on black skin. The sandy gravel sidewalk that constantly, irritatingly surrenders its upper layers. A fine film of dust insinuates itself into the folds of … Continue reading

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